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Colour India specialises in exclusive, special-interest, tours of India, with an emphasis on travelling in comfort and style; hand-crafted textiles, photography, Himalayan flora and Indian cuisine.

Join award winning photojournalist Liz Light and her Colour India team on an intimate Indian odyssey like no other.
India is Liz's obsession, she has worked there, toured extensively and recorded many of its stories.

Hand-crafted textiles: Liz has a passion for Indian hand-crafted textiles. Her bespoke Colour India textile tours take you to the heart of India's time-honoured handcrafted textile industry. Come and meet the artisans in their homes. Experience live weaving, embroidery, block printing, resist dying, quilting, beading and mirror work. Visit women’s groups and learn the skills, tradition and artistry that has made India the world leader in hand-crafted textiles.

Photography: Make magical images aboard a Colour India photographic tour. You will be delivered to unique vantage points at the right times of the day. Colour India gets you face to face with amazing wildlife in National Parks, colourful, crowded cities, sublime Himalayan scenery and spiritual Varanasi.

Himalayan Flora: In botanical circles Sikkim is famous for the diversity of its indigenous flora. Rhododendrons, orchids, magnolias, day lilies and much more will be in bloom when we visit. We also visit Darjeeling, surrounded by thousands of hectares of tidily trimmed tea plantations. And there is the ever-present beauty of the mighty Himalayas.

Birds & wildlife: Nature-lovers, birders, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers love this. India has vast habitat diversity, altitudinal variations and over 1200 bird species. We visit enormous National Parks and renowned bird sanctuaries in four different geographical regions. Plus, for those into very big cats, there are leopards and tigers. This bird and wildlife tour brings with it botany, splendid landscapes, sweet villages and rural charm. It includes exotically beautiful Kashmir and Binsar, both in the Himalayas.

Cuisine: Scintillate your taste buds with the unique flavours and aromas of India’s diverse food culture. Visit the spice bazaars of Kochi, the tea and spice gardens of the Cardamom Hills and the busy back streets of Old Delhi. Cook a traditional Rajasthani thali in romantic Udaipur and delicate Parsi food in buzzing Mumbai. Enjoy the diversity and richness of India’s food culture and much more.

But Colour India tours are so much more than textiles, cameras and flowers. Let Liz and the team introduce you to spectacular Indian cuisine, heritage, culture, sightseeing and exotic and affordable shopping.

Discover the sub-continent with a small group. Colour India tours are limited to a maximum 10 people. We have both a Kiwi guide and an expert Indian guide, a dedicated modern bus and driver, and quality accommodation (3 to 4 star). This is India made easy. Ride with us on a trip like no other for a quintessential Indian experience.